How To Look Fashion Forward Professional

One of an essential career advice a working person needs to take into account is how to dress professionally without looking too basic. We clearly understand the importance of K9 work ethic and professionalism, but what you wear also brings an impact on your success. Apparently, professional settings are not very fashion-forward friendly, this was my biggest issue when I worked in an office for years. But instead of whining about the standards in the corporate industry, why not think of it as an opportunity to look IN-style without shredding the dress codes?

Here are some of the corporate fashion ideas I gathered for you..

Add Texture Collage

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Wear Some Texture:

Whether you are size zero or not you can look fashion-forward without looking awkward. Do not be afraid to try on some prints and textures because you need to add a little edge to your professional attire sometimes. These patterns are body shape friendly and easily be polished with just a several accessories as long as they are not OVERWHELMING.

BeFunky Collage

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Embrace The Grey:

Grey represents independence and self-reliance, that’s exactly the point why it is the best alternative to black. Grey has more than one variation; light grey, slate grey, dim grey, dark grey etcetera. If you love flirty colours like pink, red and orange, incorporating it with any shade of grey can create balance to the overall vibe of your ensemble. Another thing that I like about grey is it can flatter any skin tone without a conflict because it isn’t too dark nor too light.

Sexy Hair Collage

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Sexy & Smart Hair Colour

In some Asian countries, several hair colours do not suit the conservative working environment, but who likes to work wearing a standoffish outfit plus a boring hair? Unless you have a stunning jet-black hair whichever hairstyle you pick will always look stylish. These four hair colours/style are trendy this year, especially the bronde and strong streaks.

These three are the tips I have for now..Any violent reactions, objections etcetera…Just put your comments.