4437081546_5cedb0a509_bEvery force of my heartbeat shouts the frustrations falling down on my feet

Whenever I try to flee, it becomes even harder to breathe..

Too many shackles intertwined on both my hands and my feet

Just wanting me to be weak – no! I won’t go back to that seat.

Understanding emptiness, my dignity is now close to its death.

Feels nothing more but the taste of each of my mistakes springing the fret.

As long as I can hold this shit down, I won’t make any sound

Even if I hit the ground, invisible to the crowd

All of this, just allows the world to see my regrets

Even though it’s for the best, I still can’t get it off my burning chest.

All the swear that I said, all the doubts in my head

Keeping me locked in the pit of my secrets I have long gone put to rest

Lesson learned, after neglecting my duties

I ended simply crushing my remaining opportunities.

How I wish I can go back to the old days

Spending all of my best days

Now, there ain’t any unity, all is left is the mutiny

Against the monsters, I created, fed and supported..


Elemental Affair

elemental 9-18-2014 2-05-14]

In our world we combine where it’s dark and cold

Like molten rocks of lechery untold

We feed each other through our desires

You and I – collide like ice and fire..


I ushered in, your enlarging power

Spurring affinity in every surge and every devour

It’s consuming hardness, thrusting the deepest core

Heightens our inmost intensity, makes us both want more!


Madness of nature casted its curse

It’s sweet taboo as vile as ever tersed

The velocity of emitted frenzy

Took us both to the crowning point of ecstasy


Hear the roar of the aggressive wind

Calling our names for which we have sinned

Like the forbidden kiss of the tidal bore and thunder

Our paths will cross again and will never be sundered






Provoking The Innocent


Those lustful eyes of consuming desire

Fettered urge of surging fire

Your sight exploring my feminine contours

Allowing me to play your mind’s eye until it hurts

Is the good boy in fear of freeing his beast?

As your subdued bed-snake grow larger before the feast

Riding that monster and let it feel my deepest core

That’s the kind of danger I’ve been craving for

Hang in there lover boy, take it easy

Let your lust merge with mine, keep those hands busy

I am never gentle, so don’t try to fight it

I’ll introduce you to my kind of excitement

I hope I am not killing you

For I can espy every pinch of yearn that smites you

I’ll break your dry spell when the point is right

I’ll end your agony, so let’s turn off the lights.

Sweet Punishment

I need no love! It’s promises are humbug

Show me not, for I see no worth

No steel had ever struck out a generous fire

Yes, I am a fallible sinner


I edge my way along the crowded paths of life

No warmth could warm me

No pelting rain less open to entreaty

No wind that blew was bitterer than me

But on the spur of the moment

In the midst of fog came pouring


Across the baleful ocean

To my dreary existence

He then appeared like a gleam of hope

Perceptive of my thoughts with only he to unfold

Not much obedience


But his radiant approach filled the air

Perhaps, I am ashamed of my incoherence

My defiant ashen heart cried with glee

He did it all! Infinitely more

My blessed heart dree’s no more


ruddy face lover, next to a bottle of wine
Mellow-eyed sweetie pie, I will make you all mine
Shall we drink another shot?
No need to be fast
We can play a game later and make the intimacy last
Do you need more ice?
You seem to look uneasy
Be careful when you sip
You might quiver with bliss
Please, don’t look at me with that smile glowing
In me it creates a yearning overflowing
We seem to be overwhelmed and to resist is pain
Our passion consumes us, making it hard to restrain
Put the glass down and kiss me now!
Make me feel that burning fire
Make my mind spin and you shall become my one true desire
I never thought wanting to touch could feel this much
Being under the influence of ” ALCOHOL LUSH “

Forgotten Home


In every corners of this room

fleets back memories of my own doom

I watched my hope diminishing

together with its paints slowly fading

Behind these walls made of concrete

the rusting steels that supports my nightmare

like a shock of a blow

bearing the brunt of the frailties i confounded upon

Beneath the ceiling’s sheaths

shelters the anguish and the evanescent cause

the strength i saved

slowly impairing with the nails which has been suspended

Over the floors of this room

Is a foundation of an anonymous story

in which have moistened the irksome past

And as the past dominated this home..

the strength of the studs durability of the walls

joists and the rafters..

All lost the foundation that it was built for


Thy my soul of quarrels molded the blissful end note
Hence, awakens the mist of an untold story
How great you are! Essence of time!
My distorted music is now in sweet rhyme.
For long the sea uttered – let it be taken!
Your ashes of doom and woes unspoken
Fear not! the sway of fate
Fear not! the embrace of hate
For I fathom my guards do wary me
From my addled dreary days
For my dauntlessness alleviates me
From the disgrace of old frays

A Poem Remembering His Smile And His Death


The Value Of Goodbye

It was pain when my love said ” goodbye “
What a tearful memory it has been!
My heart tormented poorly as he walked farther
A scenario never worth remembering..

How I feared that what we had shared would die
Whence, my almost apathetic heart bleeds
entrusting our fate with only come what may
our enamoured years ended in a subtle goodbye

Today, as I reminisce
Was this all by fate?
Or was it just a random circumstance..
My own censure deprived my only joy
Whencesoever, it is all I know

Yet, as the Hillcrest welcomes the sun
I soon felt the reason that withhold this fervour
A certain touch of which I cannot define
It is telling me , ” you will see him again.”

To depart is to veer
To repent is after a thoughtless act
To regret is learning how to value

even the means of ” goodbye “