Memories Of WWII: My Isla Corregidor Experience

The cultural tour is deserving of the amount we spent. My Isla Corregidor experience signified a bonding time for me, my mom, and my best friends. I have loads of photos that can sum up my experience in Corregidor, and I hate to tire my readers with my tendencies of platitude, which can fill another entire page. I’ll get down with the highlights, I have never seen canyons, in enormous sizes scattered on the sides of the roads unmoved and partly buried as if they are just ordinary giant pieces of steel. But I have to say this. Although it seems mawkish, it makes the entire historical vibe authentic, and that deserves reverence.

Our ferry sailed for over an hour and 45 minutes from the seaside terminal to Corregidor island’s bay. We were welcomed by several Trams (that don’t run on tracks) with the other sightseers who were mostly Japanese and Americans with a few Koreans, and Europeans. Separating the tourists in batches, each Tram is numbered. We joined a group of friendly Americans on Tram number five. Half of the day we spent visiting the ruins of the remaining establishments in the area before we proceeded to the hotel for our lunch. Although I’m impressed how everybody was able to endure the temperature that day, the dehydration starved me. I cared less while pigging out on lunch eating two full bowls of baked spuds, five fish fillets, and a huge bowl of watermelons. The food was delicious, and it was also enjoyable watching foreigners eating local food especially rice because I don’t get to see that every day.

Perhaps, Corregidor was the most imperative coastal artillery in the Philippines back then because the moment I laid my eyes on the island, my subconsciousness seemed to have engulfed back in the time when the American forces gained control over the country’s arm forces, it was an island entirely for the military. During the deadly years of World War II, this volcanic caldera which formerly served as a harbor defense of the country. Against any intruders prowling stealthily in the southwestern seas of Luzon, Corregidor was notorious. I must say, it was of a good fluke that we were led by the best tour guide in Corregidor. Armando’s love and knowledge of the war dazzled me. From the old photos of children impaled in bayonets and the huge empty cartridges he carries with him from decades old large firearms. It was entertaining how he delivers jokes in between his narrative of the island’s ruling period before it declined upon the arrival of the Japanese military.

It was a little scary when the tram started sloping up and down the skyward roads, my thoughts were fidgeting with the wheels, our weight, and the freaking gravity! We passed through random tunnels which were a great distraction and some ruins of small buildings that are still standing proud. They are almost unnoticed because of how small they look now. There was even another one we saw on an islet, right across the island. The Malinta tunnel is an uncanny element of the island. You can feel right away the somewhat disturbing vibe as soon as you go in. I’m certain it isn’t for a fact that a tunnel is hollow because I’m not claustrophobic. Perhaps, the experience might actually have been seriously eerie if only the tourist guides and caretakers were not there. Nevertheless, it’s likely due of the tunnel’s horrid residual memory, moreover, heightened by the creepy side tunnels. The part that is most striking for me is the long stretch of lawn occupied by the ruins of a once a central infirmary.

Corregidor's Rise And Fall
Corregidor’s Rise And Fall

Special thanks to the office of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone (TIEZA), and for Sir Mark Lapid for making it possible for us to experience the tour.


The Book That Revived My Imagination

alaskan adventure story
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Life is seriously fusty as fuck when you think of a grown-up life too grown-up.I am navigating my grown-up life too pressing. A very brief thing I realised, the smell of reality doesn’t give a room for a delightful reminiscence of your childhood. Since writing for other websites, I can hardly endure the four pages of a book. Some stories say too much about reality IN YOUR FACE. Although, fiction stories are fun, most of them nowadays aren’t as gentle as I wish they are. Thanks to this adorable story, it rekindled my imagination and cheered the almost dying colours of my childhood fantasies. Sometimes, we need to take a really hard look in situations to appreciate the best gifts of life, — friendship. Continue reading “The Book That Revived My Imagination”

A Fresh Start Where Home Means At Ease At Lancris Residences

Just like most home shoppers, we all want to make sure that our hard-earned money goes to a property where we can instantly see our lives unfolding to a better and happier living. With so many housing developments offering a good price, we need to evaluate what matters to us the most in terms of services, convenience, and accessibility. It’s about how we feel when we walk through the front door,— tracking our wants and needs. It is very difficult to buy OUR WISH LIST with the anticipated housing needs and budget.

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I was invited to a wine tasting event at the Lancris Residences in Parañaque city and had the chance to check their site development plan. My first impression of its mid-rise infrastructure and its entire architectural perspective is its suitability for homeowners with kids. Choosing the right location that can accommodate a family’s needs is substantial for every real estate, and I have to say, they are seriously building a home granting that wish.

The modern home built within the 3.21 acres property land that stands up to seven floors sits in the midst of a peaceful and well-gated suburban community. This location is not far from the major business concentration portals, just a few minutes away from the Manila airport and Makati city.

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We toured around the units of the Diamond tower, which is already ready for occupancy. The two-bedroom units measure 41.79 square meters each. It all has the important functions needed in a home, a nice granite countertop, modular kitchen cabinets, completely tiled flooring and equipped with high-speed fiber optic cables. Other than that, what caught my attention is how they utilise their penthouse space. Most condos use the highest floor of their building only as a drying area for their laundry, of course, the floor had been divided to produce a large space for the drying cages. But, the extra space has been utilised wisely. They covered the floor with artificial lawn, placed a playhouse with a slide and benches.

The next tower to look forward to is the completion of the Garnet Tower. When it’s all flourished, the 52 square meters two-bedroom units and 81.60 square meters three-bedroom units will be ready to welcome new homeowners. I am sure it will have another beautiful sky garden. Soon, this residential oasis will complete its jogging trail, basketball court, Badminton Court, Billiard Hall, Fitness Gym and 25m lap pool. Seems like I need to start marking my wishlist. 

Developer: Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation 

Address: Dominic Savio St. Cor. Japan St., Don Bosco

Better Living Subd., Paranaque City

Visit Their Page:

Lancris Residences Holds Wine Tasting Event on October 24!!!

Lancris Residences Wine Tasting Invitation

BETTER LIVING, PARANAQUE- Lancris Residences, the forefront in stylish condo living, will hold a wine tasting event on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at seven in the evening.

Mr. Massimo Cavallon of Il Biancorosso will host the event in front of the Garnet Tower Showroom. He will present Italian brands including the famous Montecrocetta’s Passitaia.

Cocktails will also be served with classical music performances in the background.

Attendees may tour the 1.3-hectare property before the wine tasting event to have a first-hand experience of the lifestyle Lancris Residences has to offer.

As a treat for attendees, Land Cris Somerset Dev’t Corp, the owner and developer of Lancris Residences, will unveil the scale model of the project to give a bird’s eye view of how the master-planned community will look and feel when its four towers, clubhouse complex and commercial building are ready to be enjoyed by its residents.

To reserve a seat at the wine tasting event, call 0917.801.2677 or send an email to


Lancris Residences is the legacy project of Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation, sister company of the Duraville Realty and Dev’t. Corp and Durawood Construction and Lumber Supply, Inc. Located inside Better Living Subdivision in Paranaque City, Lancris Residences boasts of its suburban location, spacious units, and amenities designed for the family. It is marketed by Duraville Marketing Inc.,


Christian L. Aligo

Duraville Marketing Inc.

  1. 801. 2677


A Dance Of Equality Is A Dance To Remember

I came across this video from VIMEO, watching it had me reflecting on how eager we are to show our appreciation and respect to animals. Although this video may not be a hundred percent authentic, or possibly, originally filmed for entertainment purpose, it does prove our connection to animals. And by the way, the horsey moonwalk is awesome!

What do you think?

Waking Up Untitled (Writer´s Block)

“Yes, I have more than one skill, but I seem to have wasted it all because whenever I hear people admiring me for being talented, I feel like crushing inside. Reaching a point where I question myself with each time I get reminded that I gave my love to a job and still got fired. I die as if a dagger got plunged deeply into my chest. I am seriously struggling to keep the motivation up. Despite knowing it is wrong to feel this depleted, I have somehow allowed it to create a hole in my willpower´s fuel tank. Now, the confidence is leaking halfway to empty. Perhaps, for whatever reason I care less if the strong smell of my unmotivated spirit bothers the nostrils of my surroundings. I am hesitant to start the engine because it feels like I might crash again. It hurts deeply to realise that I have maneuvered to the wrong streets which led me to where I unfortunately landed.”

— Me, a few months ago.

destroy-key1Here are the monsters I am sometimes face. I am undeniably aware that inspiration is seemingly in trouble of finding me,— sometimes. Reality bites that yourself is your worst enemy, and being under these circumstances makes it even more difficult than facing ¨a crowd¨ of haters.

  • Loss of your professional identity
  • Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Loss of your daily routine
  • Loss of purposeful activity
  • Loss of your work-based social network
  • Loss of your sense of security

 How do I deal with writer´s block?

Admittedly, I do ghostwrite as a way to practice, practice and practice, I write four articles a day for other websites. To have even just random encounters with a writer´s block is already huge problem I always prepare myself for. I have here a list of the not so unusual remedies I do whenever I feel waking up untitled.


  • Use your emotions to write keywords of what you want to express: Whether it is what you currently feel or just the smallest ideas extracted from your struggling mind, write it down and post on your desk.
  • Get some sleep: Yes, time is gold as they say. Regardless of not being sure when you will ever get those creative juices flowing again, still, give your psych a time-off.
  • Watch TV or Videos: Believe it or not, I am not a bookworm as I understand I should be one because of my job. Thanks to YouTube and Television, inspiration may be tough to get by but at least I can note possible topics to write about.
  • Rough Sex: Haters remain in your seats. I know the idea is provocative to even be in the main subject. I am not sure if there´s a medical explanation as to why it works, but writer´s block is a form of stress. If you are single, and you do not have a long term playmate, you know the plan B,  just decide about it carefully.
  • Explore Outside: Go out! There are tons of stuff outside to distract your worried mind, and you never know when you may find something that could inspire you.



Abby Asistio,— ¨How I Got My Hair-Life Back¨

Our hair contributes to our overall aesthetic, it changes our image and even just our expression with the way our hair looks. It is surely annoying seeing your hair everywhere, falling off with each brush and you feel hopeless just to think of the possibility of having a healthy hair again. I grew up watching bald heads shown all over the INTERNET and television, promoting products that promise to fill those hair follicles again. I have heard about NOVU a long time ago but did not pay attention because I don´t trust any liquid formula to cure such a serious autoimmune disorder unless you go under the knife. And watching so many annoying advertisements promising the whole world of an effective combination of chemicals to cure your dead scalp is a total downer.
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More than we know there are many people suffering from a serious hair growth problem. Ever familiar of Alopecia? A receding hairline is one of it, which mostly occurs with men starting the age of the late twenties to early thirties. Although this is considered ¨normal,¨ especially if it is hereditary, specialists are not ready to give up finding a solution.

For women, hair loss is a painful problem, Abby Asistio grew up with it. I first saw Abby on a TV show as a contestant in a singing competition, and I thought she was beautiful. Even with an assumption that it was just her fashion statement the judges asked her about her head. With confidence, she answered that she has Alopecia. As I listened to her, I realized it must have been hard for her growing up hiding her head all the time with a hat or with a wig.
Recently, I saw Abby again and holy molly she has real hair! It is easy to tell that she is not wearing a wig because the hairline is very prominent. She stood in front of us as a living proof of how NOVU fixed her scalp. Although, she highlighted that the effects do not appear overnight, as it functions depending on the response of a person´s system. It took her a year to have a complete hair coverage. Although, there are users who have achieved greater results much quicker. What’s best about the product? It has a cooling sensation and allows your skin to breathe, this is according to those who used it.
 Abby-Asistio-for-NovuHair-800x343In the mindset of a user, transparency is very important, a company that shows great interest in solving a medical problem like Alopecia rather than aiming for profit will gain more loyal customers. That is the best image of NOVU and the people behind it, it will not be long that NOVU will stand out among its competitors globally.

A Hilarious Disguise: What If An 80 Year Old Man Skateboards Like A Pro?

We have witnessed the dramatic changes of skateboarding since its introduction around the 1940´s until it reached its boundless popularity today. If we speed back to thirty years ago, skateboarding was merely considered as a recreational activity. Most parents back then are reluctant to accept it as a sport considering its unreliable design. But now, its advancement and discovered benefits created its culture and is now a widely recognized sport.

A jaw-dropping scene just happened to a group of skateboarding youngsters when the 20-year skateboarding star Danny Léon transformed into an 80-year old grandpa and did what he does best,—flipping manoeuvres in the air. This young man certainly has excellent acting skills, just see how deceived strangers in this prank, who would ever suspect that it was just a dress-up game? Propped with extensive prosthetic makeup and a cane that turned this young man into an oldie who can barely walk.

He strolled around the park along with a few genuine oldies to watch teens perform skateboarding tricks. He got everyone convinced that he is a señor citizen who wants to learn how to balance on a skateboard,— even got assisted by one of the teenage skateboarders. Watch the video as he stuns strangers when he started doing his freestyle stunts, jumping high and speeding up on the sides of a skateboard pool.

I love how those eyes popped out as soon as they saw ¨old danny¨ made his shocking jump!

Mayweather Jr. Just Lost It: A WBO Title Gone Over An Unpaid $200,000 Sanctioning Fee

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The news can spread in seconds with all the media eyeing for Floyd Mayweather´s loss. The undefeated five-division world champion who topped the Forbes magazine as the richest celebrity with $300 Million under his name (in which more than $220 million is from his recent fight) just got stripped of his welterweight world title. A failure to meet the deadline for paying the $200,000 sanctioning fee from the supposedly FIGHT OF THE CENTURY last May 2nd of 2015 resulted in losing his WBO welterweight title.

What Went Wrong?

Mayweather Jr. spoke about his plans to vacate all of his titles, with the intention of giving the younger boxers a chance to fight for the winning belts. This pronouncement was made by Mayweather Jr. right after he won the bout against Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao. The 38-year old world champion was given two months by the WBO committee to decide which one of his multiple weight class championship titles he wants to continue holding. A time long enough compared to the usual 10-day period given to a fighter. What went wrong? Is it his over-confidence that WBO will not uphold its contest regulations? Just like WBC and WBA that had both broken their own rules by allowing him to hold multiple weight division championship titles?

Who Takes The Advancement?

Unfortunately, Manny Pacquiao will not be the successor of the winning belt, rather, the WBO committee gives the privilege to the former welterweight titleholder Timothy Bradley, who won the bout against Jessie Vargas last June 27th via unanimous decision. Mayweather´s team express disappointment over the rulings of WBO and is already making arrangements to file a written appeal with the help of Attorney John Hornewer. In an interview with Leonard Ellerbe, he made a statement seemingly insinuating that the WBO president Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel, fussed over to favour Bob Arum, who promotes both Timothy Bradley and Jessie Vargas.

What Now?

Mayweather´s team is yet to decide regarding the next action to make. However, regardless of their plans to appeal, the decision made by WBO to strip of his welterweight title is unlikely to be changed.

My Teenage Love: I’m A Girl After All

He is a green-eyed young man with the most angelic face I have ever seen. He’s 185cm tall, well-dressed and soft-spoken. He was just a 13 years old gentle giant who’s well-balanced for his age. Even until now, I still sometimes titter, reminiscing how his gentle smile and shiny dirty blonde hair melts my heart like a layer of fat in a hot skillet.

I, a soul as dark as an abandoned home, a young female with her rough masculinity, her stabbing black eyes, shadowed by her long jet-black hair. Her dark skin defines her everyday activities, being regularly under the sun. I only knew, my life back then was nothing more, but a troubled memory to look back in the future, yet he became my only light in the darkness.

I was an alcoholic during my high school years. Strangely, my teachers never complained, possibly because I was doing well with my grades at school. And also, I was the only female boxer that represents our school. I know it seems like an odd theory, but I couldn’t think of anything else as a reason otherwise. Every day I start my boxing training very early, like three o’ clock in the morning. However, I do drink a few shots of brandy before I begin my training. I train for at least a minimum of 4 hours a day, it was perhaps my best outlet as I hate crying. Each time I am reminded of my depression as a daughter and as a teenager, I only drink it in and sweat it all off.

The first time Louvuille and I laid our eyes on each other. It was a cold four o’ clock in the morning. I was walking and just about to cross the road when the car suddenly appeared right behind me. Unfortunately, the attempt to step back was too short, I accidentally broke the side mirror of his dad’s car. It was my fault because I wasn’t walking on the sidewalk, I was too confident that no vehicle will pass by. I can still picture in slow motion when the car stopped and the sliding door revealed his milk-white complexion, rosy cheeks, and his bright green eyes. I felt like he’s the antidote of my long poisoned heart. Love, at first sight? I know it’s extremely mawkish for my personality, but yes it was.

” Are you alright? I’m so sorry we did not notice you crossing the road”, his anxious voice.

My arse on the mud, my body felt squishy leaning against a road sign that states “Blind curve,” as I try to clear my head blurred and so as my slurred words, my drunkenness.

“I’mm’a live, bruises don’t kill.” my slurred words of annoyance.

He extends his hand, waiting for me to receive it, but the rum I consumed hours before made my head feeling so light that all I could do is gaze at his face with my cumbersome smile. I’d say I looked like an idiot, surprised at seeing a white boy’s face that close. They offered to take me to the nearest Hospital, but I refused. Instead, I stood up and continued to walk on my way home.

“Wait! miss! We can’t just let you walk alone in that condition, you are all muddy, bruised and you are so drunk you barely walk steadily. ”

“Blah! I might puke on you.. just’ go.” I chuckled hearing his desperate tone trying to stop me.

“Such a stubborn girl,” his tone slightly annoyed.

I Shrugged as if I don’t care and gave him a more annoying smirk and said

“Don’t call me lady you milk fish.”

A few weeks later, we bumped into each other again. As weird as it seems, I was wearing same dirty acid wash jeans and a black shirt with its sleeves scissored to look punk trashy. With a Marlboro cigarette, between my fingers, I noticed him walking down from an establishment within the compound of a nearby church. That’s when I found out that he’s a missionary from Ireland. He saw me from afar and waved his hand. Strangely, in spite of seeing me repeatedly in the same state, he always delivers a very friendly smile.

“Hi, what’s the craic? Is your arm ok now? I was afraid that you broke your arm after it got hit by the side mirror.”

His accent just fascinated me, but with my natural ill-natured attitude that seemed difficult to suppress,” I could only give him a smirk.

“You seem like a tough girl with a good sense of humour,” – He thought I was trying to be funny.

Deep inside my body, perspiring alcohol and cigarette sweat, there’s a crossfire between my twitterpated heart and my over-protective-ego. He was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen in my life, but I couldn’t express that feeling.

He then asked me “Are you available this Sunday?” He extended his hand and introduced himself.

“My name is Louvuille Maxwell, I’m from Sligo Ireland. And you are?”

I turned my eyes to the Church after he asked me. “Tootsie is my name.”

Then I looked at his smiling face that obviously he wants to invite me to go to church on Sunday which made me feel OFF. And so without hesitation I asked him.

” You are one of those who sings church songs and wave their hands in the air?” Sounding mockery.

“Yes, but I can’t put my hands in the air since I have to play the guitar while singing for the Lord.” His very enthusiastic response just shunned my arrogance.

Since then, we became friends, spend time teaching street children to read and write, I am not a church person and I admire him for being a God-loving boy without being creepy religious. It was the beginning that I realized I am a girl and I like pretty boys..

Louvuille understands the real me behind my misinterpreted character. I don’t remember that he had ever made me feel of how terrible I am as a person. He simply has the ability to make me less aggressive and less pessimistic.

Now that I’m 29, I still keep in my mind his words of wisdom.Your God given artistic skills are meant for you to define and design a clearer image of  what you want to become, no matter how obscure they might be for now.