How to Personalise Your iPhone 6 Without Spending a Fortune

Your phone should be a candid reflection of you and your personality. Why carry a generic phone when you can customise it to your individual liking? Now, you can design your very own phone case or phone skin, imparting your iPhone 6 a distinguishable touch of modernism and beauty.

How to Personalise Your iPhone 6 For Cheap

Personalising your phone is much simpler than you might assume. There are a few cost-effective routes you can take to design the phone of your dreams. With a unique phone design of your own, you can make your phone easier to detect, and you can also bring a plain, unremarkable phone to life.

The first recommendation is to personalise your own case with a stunning design of your choosing. This can be as easy as simply uploading the photo of your choice, or using predesigned photos from a professional gallery. Once you have uploaded the desired photo or image, the next step in this process is to choose the appropriate phone case for your model. While personalising a case does not alter your iPhone 6 in any way, it does create the illusion of a personalised phone.

Another way to personalise your iPhone 6 is to design your very own skin. Many phone skins serve as a vinyl adhesive for your phone surface or case. Not only are these skins removable, but they are quite versatile, in terms of customising your phone. These skins are also reinforced to prevent superficial damage, such as scratches and they can be repositioned as needed. These skins also apply smoothly, and they are available in many different formats to suit a variety of phone models, including the iPhone 6. To start designing your phone,

iphone 6 cases

visit this page.

Considerations to Make When Deciding How to Best Personalize Your Phone

Phone personalisation is not simply an aesthetic choice. Rather, it is based on both your creative preferences and your practical concerns. It is important to ensure that the case you select is pliable enough to protect your phone when it is dropped or placed forcibly on a hard surface. If your phone falls, the phone case should offset the force to a significant degree.

Furthermore, purchasing a phone case alone may not be sufficient, as your screen may still be susceptible to scratches. There are products designed to safeguard your screen from physical damage, however. If you choose to personalise your phone with a skin only, it is recommended that you add an additional case, as a skin does not offer comprehensive, physical protection.


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I Said Goodbye To Microsoft Windows And Hello Linux Ubuntu 14.04!

Disclaimer: The topic is only partly technical but not intended as a technical blog entry, I’m just sharing my experience using this Desktop program and operating system.

My entry way back July 06 of 2014 I Should have done this a long time ago. I was talking about my bucket list. I bought my new laptop today an ACER E5-471-339F – the liquid blue color and I love it! The challenging part though is adjusting the navigation design of Linux Ubuntu 14.04 -which I am apparently not very familiar of using. Tap! tap! mistakes here and there, I am so careful not to accidentally delete something out of impatience and clumsiness. I am not a huge earner, but I was so eager to replace my old laptop that I made big compromises (measured based on my spending capacity.) To console myself for possibly becoming down and out for the next few months, I reminded myself that at least, I have achieved one of my 5 goals. I’m a happy 🙂 kid!

Screenshot from 2014-12-18 17:47:34Using the latest Linux Ubuntu has pros and cons, what I like about it is its “aero” design, it’s almost like the MAC OS with its candy-like icons on the navigation pane. Though the MAC OS imitation isn’t as close as the Linux Pear OS 8, but it still has its cool desktop environment (same as the other Linux versions.) I was supposed to install the Linux Ubuntu Studio 13.10 because it was created for graphic design and photography. Too bad I didn’t enough have time to find its installer, so I ended up with Ubuntu 14.04. I have prepared myself for the possible difficulties I may encounter using this desktop program, just like not being able to use Skype and the Picasa Editing tool. Unfortunately, Skype does not have a Linux Ubuntu 14.4 version yet, and Google officially dropped Picasa for Linux. Unless I would undergo a series of risky attempts to download it, like using WINE to make it run under Linux etc. I might need to learn how to do such alternative first, integrating latest version of Linux with Picasa would be a trial and error.

Screenshot from 2014-12-25 04:45:25But again, I am happy. Linux is worth a try in spite of its challenging system settings. I hope Google will reconsider supporting Linux again for Picasa editing tool. Anyway, my sadness didn’t last because I found two alternative image processing software that are compatible with Linux Ubuntu 14.04. It has an impressive photo editing support, lighting adjustments, color management, blur filter tools and other intelligent functions. Rawtherapee and Darktable are both a great head start for amateurs in photography like me. Using these image processing software are like getting some of the Adobe Photoshop and Corel features for free. It requires patience to learn how to use it because the features aren’t easy to navigate and understand at first. In spite of the very technical editing terminologies and its functions, so far I survived using it and I’m doing well experimenting with its arty effects.

Both are extremely competent with desirable features, but my current observation using both software is based on the ease of use. I have to say Darktable has a user-friendly interface, I like the thumbnail slides at the bottom which makes it easier to select. But when it comes to response, I like Rawtherapee better. I am using Linux ubuntu 14.04 and I noticed that Darktable snags more often than Rawtherapee. Also, I like the level controls in Rawtherapee. Anyway, there are still other image processing software I want to try such as Lightzone though I am not sure if it has a Linux version. You should try Linux Ubuntu 14.04, it has that has quite a lot to offer. I love the more polished desktop design, Linux gives you the worry-free feeling because it rarely gets affected by viruses and malware. There are a very few malware for this program, this explains why I switched from Windows to Linux.