How To Strut Your Stripes

How To Strut Your Stripes

The stripes are always pushing forward! Just think of all the stripes of all scales,⎼ they all communicate youthful energy and modern flare. From the basic horizontal and vertical stripes to the athletic trims and, or, as just a graphic accent. All of it radiates modernity even on the classic favourites that have been revived.  Continue reading “How To Strut Your Stripes”


The 7 Power Pieces Every Working Women Must Own

What are the power pieces every working women must own? The aspects of fashion are pretty basic, but one important thing every working woman should always keep in mind is that the quality of your outfit should speak for itself. The pieces should compliment each other and to your other outfits as well. When I was working in a call center way back 4 or 5 years ago, my work ensembles always include a tailored blazer. Why? Not just because it add up a pinch of sophistication, but also it is putting your fashion sense on the safe side without being entirely boring. Well, that depends on what are the other outfits you match your blazer. Continue reading “The 7 Power Pieces Every Working Women Must Own”

How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth

How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth

Congratulations for your newborn baby! Ok, I get it. Although you are very proud of being a mother, you also feel ugly with each time you see yourself in the mirror. You hate that your breasts are sagging, lumpy bluish veins starts appearing on your legs and stretch marks around your stomach flab…Stomach flab! Continue reading “How To Dress Stylish After Giving Birth”

Love And Defiance Of A Fucking Queen

You fall in love and defy the rules of your own happiness, sounds stupid is it? When you have wounds that are still fresh, and you keep them under a thick clothing of your selfless love, principles, and a promise of friendship. Continue reading “Love And Defiance Of A Fucking Queen”

Memories Of WWII: My Isla Corregidor Experience

The cultural tour is deserving of the amount we spent. My Isla Corregidor experience signified a bonding time for me, my mom, and my best friends. I have loads of photos that can sum up my experience in Corregidor, and I hate to tire my readers with my tendencies of platitude, which can fill another entire page. I’ll get down with the highlights, I have never seen canyons, in enormous sizes scattered on the sides of the roads unmoved and partly buried as if they are just ordinary giant pieces of steel. But I have to say this. Although it seems mawkish, it makes the entire historical vibe authentic, and that deserves reverence.

Our ferry sailed for over an hour and 45 minutes from the seaside terminal to Corregidor island’s bay. We were welcomed by several Trams (that don’t run on tracks) with the other sightseers who were mostly Japanese and Americans with a few Koreans, and Europeans. Separating the tourists in batches, each Tram is numbered. We joined a group of friendly Americans on Tram number five. Half of the day we spent visiting the ruins of the remaining establishments in the area before we proceeded to the hotel for our lunch. Although I’m impressed how everybody was able to endure the temperature that day, the dehydration starved me. I cared less while pigging out on lunch eating two full bowls of baked spuds, five fish fillets, and a huge bowl of watermelons. The food was delicious, and it was also enjoyable watching foreigners eating local food especially rice because I don’t get to see that every day.

Perhaps, Corregidor was the most imperative coastal artillery in the Philippines back then because the moment I laid my eyes on the island, my subconsciousness seemed to have engulfed back in the time when the American forces gained control over the country’s arm forces, it was an island entirely for the military. During the deadly years of World War II, this volcanic caldera which formerly served as a harbor defense of the country. Against any intruders prowling stealthily in the southwestern seas of Luzon, Corregidor was notorious. I must say, it was of a good fluke that we were led by the best tour guide in Corregidor. Armando’s love and knowledge of the war dazzled me. From the old photos of children impaled in bayonets and the huge empty cartridges he carries with him from decades old large firearms. It was entertaining how he delivers jokes in between his narrative of the island’s ruling period before it declined upon the arrival of the Japanese military.

It was a little scary when the tram started sloping up and down the skyward roads, my thoughts were fidgeting with the wheels, our weight, and the freaking gravity! We passed through random tunnels which were a great distraction and some ruins of small buildings that are still standing proud. They are almost unnoticed because of how small they look now. There was even another one we saw on an islet, right across the island. The Malinta tunnel is an uncanny element of the island. You can feel right away the somewhat disturbing vibe as soon as you go in. I’m certain it isn’t for a fact that a tunnel is hollow because I’m not claustrophobic. Perhaps, the experience might actually have been seriously eerie if only the tourist guides and caretakers were not there. Nevertheless, it’s likely due of the tunnel’s horrid residual memory, moreover, heightened by the creepy side tunnels. The part that is most striking for me is the long stretch of lawn occupied by the ruins of a once a central infirmary.

Corregidor's Rise And Fall
Corregidor’s Rise And Fall

Special thanks to the office of Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone (TIEZA), and for Sir Mark Lapid for making it possible for us to experience the tour.

spas that taste like sex

Spas That Taste Like Sex Around The World

The title “Spas That Taste Like Sex” might be pressing your brain buttons now as you scroll down. No, it is not a metaphor or a fancy sentence for a title. Through the years, we have seen lots of concepts ranging from unique, strange, weird to out-of-this-world spas. And honey, it ain´t stoppin’ there. Continue reading “Spas That Taste Like Sex Around The World”

Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions

Continue reading “Historical Dream Vacation Part II: Ancient Turkish Ruins To Epic Tourist Attractions”

The Book That Revived My Imagination

alaskan adventure story
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Life is seriously fusty as fuck when you think of a grown-up life too grown-up.I am navigating my grown-up life too pressing. A very brief thing I realised, the smell of reality doesn’t give a room for a delightful reminiscence of your childhood. Since writing for other websites, I can hardly endure the four pages of a book. Some stories say too much about reality IN YOUR FACE. Although, fiction stories are fun, most of them nowadays aren’t as gentle as I wish they are. Thanks to this adorable story, it rekindled my imagination and cheered the almost dying colours of my childhood fantasies. Sometimes, we need to take a really hard look in situations to appreciate the best gifts of life, — friendship. Continue reading “The Book That Revived My Imagination”