A Fresh Start Where Home Means At Ease At Lancris Residences

Just like most home shoppers, we all want to make sure that our hard-earned money goes to a property where we can instantly see our lives unfolding to a better and happier living. With so many housing developments offering a good price, we need to evaluate what matters to us the most in terms of services, convenience, and accessibility. It’s about how we feel when we walk through the front door,— tracking our wants and needs. It is very difficult to buy OUR WISH LIST with the anticipated housing needs and budget.

image source: lancrisresidences.org

I was invited to a wine tasting event at the Lancris Residences in Parañaque city and had the chance to check their site development plan. My first impression of its mid-rise infrastructure and its entire architectural perspective is its suitability for homeowners with kids. Choosing the right location that can accommodate a family’s needs is substantial for every real estate, and I have to say, they are seriously building a home granting that wish.

The modern home built within the 3.21 acres property land that stands up to seven floors sits in the midst of a peaceful and well-gated suburban community. This location is not far from the major business concentration portals, just a few minutes away from the Manila airport and Makati city.

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We toured around the units of the Diamond tower, which is already ready for occupancy. The two-bedroom units measure 41.79 square meters each. It all has the important functions needed in a home, a nice granite countertop, modular kitchen cabinets, completely tiled flooring and equipped with high-speed fiber optic cables. Other than that, what caught my attention is how they utilise their penthouse space. Most condos use the highest floor of their building only as a drying area for their laundry, of course, the floor had been divided to produce a large space for the drying cages. But, the extra space has been utilised wisely. They covered the floor with artificial lawn, placed a playhouse with a slide and benches.

The next tower to look forward to is the completion of the Garnet Tower. When it’s all flourished, the 52 square meters two-bedroom units and 81.60 square meters three-bedroom units will be ready to welcome new homeowners. I am sure it will have another beautiful sky garden. Soon, this residential oasis will complete its jogging trail, basketball court, Badminton Court, Billiard Hall, Fitness Gym and 25m lap pool. Seems like I need to start marking my wishlist. 

Developer: Land Cris Somerset Development Corporation 

Address: Dominic Savio St. Cor. Japan St., Don Bosco

Better Living Subd., Paranaque City

Visit Their Page: http://landcris.com/


My Fall Cozy Home Essentials: Home Decor With A Touch Of Romance

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I Want This! I Want That! Oh, That Weird Thing!

I’m a full-fledged thinker, scarce psycho, sucker for spicy food and a complete weirdo .. Yesssssss…I love weird stuff and I can’t help but say “What the fuck is that? I want it!!” And then share these awesome strange inventions I found online frontgate.com

Covered turtle chip dip server with mesh shell dome 

An upscale turtle designed dip server constructed with stainless steel mesh cover and acacia wood base offers both style and convenience. The interior with four serving compartments and a center well for dips is also made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. The mesh cover provides protection against bugs, this is such a great product.

Click The Image To Get To The Online Store



French oak wine barrel cocktail table 

Let’s get drunk cowboy! This is an authentic reclaimed French wine barrel with a base handcrafted in Italy that provides both countries highly classified artistry. Available in Natural or Dark Finish. You can see more of these  European classic wine table at http://www.wineenthusiast.com/


Reclaimed Wine Barrel  is also a stylish product of http://www.wineenthusiast.com/  comes in red mahogany finish, whiskey and natural finish that will suit old west inspired lavatory.

Fullscreen capture 9212014 12145 PM

 Giant bean bag chairs

A pillow and bed in one! http://www.brookstone.com/ definitely understands the definition of comfort by introducing this giant bean bag chair that can also be a cozy bed. You can check more of the comfy chairs they offer by clicking the website.



Peanut shell nut bowl 

Nice Peanut! The eye catchy handmade ceramic nut bowl with it’s cool peanut shell exterior is not just a nice looking bowl for filling finger food, it is also microwavable up to 350 degrees.  You can buy this at http://www.cb2.com/



Arthur suit of armor egg cup  and  Sumo egg cups 

Aaaargggghh!!! Egg Warriors! I know for many it is a waggish idea to dress your soft-boiled eggs like this. But hey! With this cute egg holders I bet your breakfast will give smiles 🙂 plus the convenience of slicing your soft-boiled egg using your spoon without sliding off,  much easier than using your own hands right? Check them out at http://www.animicausa.com/



Big sleeping grizzly bear bean bag

“Ahhh, I can finally cuddle a bear ♥ ” Yes you sure can with this realistic looking giant grizzly bear-shaped beanbag chair, what’s amazing about this cuddly giant bear-blob is it’s knitted cover that is carefully detailed to give that realistic grizzly-bear look. And no worries about washing it because you can undress the bean bag for washing. Get this from https://www.etsy.com



Livingstone Rock Pillows 

Give your living room that rock garden look with this surrealistic rock cushions by http://livingstonespillows.com/ . They look like real giant pebbles but don’t be fooled, because they are meant to invite you to jump on them and feel their fluffiness that will surely provide you that comfortability :).



Grapevine Salt and Pepper Grinders

Antique old fashioned grinder made from an Old Grapevine! Perfectly crafted and defined  by http://winecountrycraftsman.com/. Just imagine having this in your kitchen or your own wine counter, it adds that vintage character.

Grapevine Pepper Grinder

Grapevine Pepper Grinders

Vintage Globe Bar

https://www.bar-globes.com/ never fails to please the meticulously artistic tastes of wine lovers by this renaissance inspired globe bars. It’s perfect handcrafted design provides that vintage voyage mood right in your own home.


Versailles bar globe

Manila East Lake View Farm: Live The Real Life Farm Ville!


Who doesn’t remember the Facebook farming simulation called Farm Ville? I was once an addict myself of this game and since then I have dreamed of a home where I can wake up in the morning inhaling fresh air. It was a sort of therapy against stress and for sure many can relate to what I mean. Nowadays, we are all held tightly with the need to earn money faster, which is why we stick to the downtown living and work as employees in companies that only operate in the cities. Working in a huge bustling city may provide us the easy access to all the public establishments, but doesn’t really provide that relaxation that we can only get from a green surrounding.

A couple of weeks ago, a friend dragged me to see the Manila East Lake View Farm located in Brgy. San Guillermo, Morong Rizal, just an hour away from Ortigas city. It has well-paved roads with each home, having its own small-scale farm. And yes, I mean homes with leashed goats, honey bee, chickens, ducks, vegetable gardens, fish ponds and even water buffaloes! Little did I know that Manila East Lake View Farm is not a recreational park, but an uptown neighborhood similar to the famous Farm Ville. The idea of farm living in Mega Manila is by far the best concept of residential development I have encountered.

You can choose from 750, 500 and 400 square meters of lawn and use 20% of it for building a house and the rest will be for your mini farm and that’s exactly how it should be. What I love about this place is the overlooking view, you can see a broader image of Rizal. Don’t worry if you don’t have the green thumb, they have everything prepped for a farmer newbie. Provided with caretaker arrangements and an in-house agronomist to help you start and maintain your real life Farm Ville. For a stable water supply from a deep well, a huge water tank with 60,000 gallons capacity can be seen in the area operated by a motor pump below the view deck. A well-built power source is also equipped to put new members to the neighborhood at ease.

Whoops!! Ain’t done yet. Of course, they have more amenities! They have a swimming pool, playground for kiddos, a coffee shop for caffeine lovers, a produce market for your farming needs and a village market where you can buy the organic veggies straight from the neighborhood gardens. There is so much more to love about this housing development and if you are thinking about retiring early but can’t let go of the city life, this is the best option for you. Curious??

Hit the “About the author” and shoot me a message :). If you want to know more reviews? Check Christian Lizardo Aligo´s say : The Manila East Lakeview Farms Challenge: Can Farming Combat Stress?

Victoria Court’s Beyond The Ordinary Lavish Suites

I have been to several hotels around my country. Each, with its own sophisticated room designs but all with the same standard classy look which I find pretty “generic” and “boring.” Understandably, one of the reasons behind the standardized interior in most hotels is because the largest number of guests are corporate men and women on business trips. Therefore, it has to stay in a reserved and conventional look.

austinpowersLet’s skip the boring hotel rooms and get ourselves feel the striking vibe of this “yeah-mazing Austin Powers inspired room.” The chick lip shape sofa, round bed and the door with a Union Jack Flag looks kinky. The ceiling art is not cool though, it kind of reminds me of the contained playgrounds.

marrakeshOh my God! Have I just transported to the future? This room’s futuristic and glossy style makes its appearance look like a large boudoir. This is perfect for bridal showers and ladies night. I cannot imagine this kind of hotel suite to exist here in the Philippines, thank you for Victoria court’s distinct taste. We ladies know where to go for a private night out!

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Two words that suit this warm cozy room, “romantic” and “luxurious.” This Scandinavian inspired bedroom is a well-combined workmanship of modern Viking artistry. Wow, that axehead, that acts as a headboard looks really fashionable. Though, to go by with the Norse art, it may have been better if they chose “metallic silver” because the “sunglow” theme is pretty much known for “Byzantine” art. Just an opinion :). Regardless, it’s still a sexy suite for second honeymooners and couples. EmbassyMen would definitely dig this contemporary look, the color combination of the walls, furniture and lighting is perfect for stag parties or even just a small gathering with drinks and great music. Highlighting that center pole makes it look very masculine.casinoroyaleDefinitely for the gamers! If you feel lazy going to a casino but you are itching to shuffle those playing cards or throw the dice. Why not bring the casino to your own room? Play poker in your nighties without a problem!

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 I totally love this room! The stone walls provide that cool, comfy and relaxing touch to its entire appearance.The ceiling is perfect! I just love the uncompromising minimalistic style of this suite. They made a good choice for the lighting fixtures too.

 Excited to see it yourself?

Address: Madre Ignacia Street, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila
Phone:(02) 521 1084

Erotic And Stylish Bedrooms

I found these pictures online that are labeled for reuse. I found them during my horny nights when my artistic side gets awakened too. As my imagination runs wild I think of the kind of beds I want to get laid on. I love canopy beds for a certain reason, it’s the convenience it offers for the erotic moments. Yes, my dear readers I’m totally speaking my untrammeled mind right now and I’m expressing my ideas and thoughts about why I like canopy beds. I won’t elaborate that any further, I will let your imagination draw the scene. From the continuous appearance of so many bed designs, I totally go for a bed’s character not just the durability alone. And here I share the canopy  bed designs that I find both “Erotic and Stylish.”

I honestly have this weird vivid libidinous vision of lovemaking with the traditional soft slow arabic instrumental lounge music playing on the background as we drink wine in an engraved Arabian wine glass. This intricate bedroom design at Royal Suite, Dubai defines timeless supreme”Arabian nights.”


This free form composition of  Joseph Walsh, that he named Enignum canopy just has that artistic touch of luscious quintessential appeal that makes me, imagine of the classic Irish erotic stories of forbidden love.

Style: "Neutral"

 Mkuze Falls Lodge’s Safari bedrooms with its spacious veranda that offers panoramic views of the beautiful African mountains and the Mkuze river. This is where I want to put my racy intimate skills in action.


 Oh! Those horns built on to the bed’s headboard looks pretty wild! That must’ve been intended to be there to put that in good use! ( In case I’ll be in an overwhelming carnal situation and would need something to hold on to.canopy

 This certainly surprised me when I found out that this was an old oak vat carved more than 100 years ago by venerable Port producer Taylor’s, which years later transfigured into a rummy bed for the intoxicating nights of hot action..

0921 barrel bed

 This thick beamed bed customized in Bali, Indonesia exhibits not only the tropical design of Rick Ryniak Architects, but also it exudes the exotic Sultriness of Austronesians. Just imagine how many sex positions you can do in this well-thought suggestive bed.


 Not just because it looks “fancy” –  it’s also because it has that “royalty glamour” kind of sexiness on its entire image (well, it’s a redefined Victorian design, well done Mallery hall,) there’s no doubt that its classy romantic appearance brings out that lustful energy .

french inspired canopy bedroom set

Vintage Elegance: The Classical Filipino Interior

Every country has its notable character in terms of architectural principle or structuralism,  and each genre becomes the epitome of it’s kind. I appreciate the vintage Filipino design in exact same ideology. I went to this hotel named Legend Villas that really has its old world charm and the cozy ambiance felt like taking me back to the good old years of traditional Filipino home. So I am going to share to you the Legend Villas, just situated in the heart of Mandaluyomg city.

Before we go inside, this is the outside 🙂



IMG_20141001_231523The chandeliers and the rest of the wall mounted lighting fixtures are old designs

IMG_20141001_231613The lola Maria’s dining section with it’s wood tables and chairs.


IMG_20141001_223248From the handrails, the staircase, the pillars to the fancy ornamented roof frames are primarily reflections of indigenous Austronesian and Spanish influences. You can see some Chinese inspired elements too but the entirety of wood simply boosts the vintage Filipino construction.

IMG_20141001_223847The roof lintels were matched like the traditional oyster window panes.

IMG_20141001_223955This kiddie round table with 2 chairs just chuckled me because it was placed at the oddest section of the lobby.

IMG_20141001_232035This wall mounted fixture has lights that blends well with the surrounding fancy-framed mirrors

IMG_20141001_223433The lavatory and doors too are vintage design!

IMG_20141001_223740I miss playing that solid wooden block with two rows of seven circular holes called sungka game (SOONG-kah.) I used to collect colourful pebbles for it when I was a kid.


I’m excited to see more about these stuff 🙂

Home Fashion 1: Contemporary Minimalist Bedrooms

Hey! Travelingmind2anywhere is now glancing on luscious bedroom ideas which many of you might want to check out. These are eye-catching bedroom designs I found online literally dropped my jaw. The gradation of contemporary and minimalism is the smooth, clean, simple shapes with trim layouts which are easy to the eyes. Thankfully, most modernized interior styles at present define the classic and modern living by providing rooms with a bold visual statement, but still have that practical approach that we most like.

I am a minimalist and I like pared-down design elements with very less ornaments. Viewing from a minimalist perspective here are my choices.

1. Rooms with just two color combinations provides a simpler and more relaxing appearance.

2. I personally prefer awning windows installed alongside large picture windows because it allows the maximum amount of light and views of the outdoors compared to other window types. This design not only provides that clean look, but it also offers good ventilation.

3. Long bed legs with foot boards are not my favs, but wide short beds are totally IN! I don’t hate a tall bed like those old school bedsteads, but those sometimes makes me feel like it will eat me whole when I lay down. Though I exclude the storage beds because those are also practical for providing good space-saving options.

4.I love Flokati, textured and hand-tufted patterned rugs because it accents well to a wide flaring and vibrant painted walls. Saxony and plush carpets are just my second option because scrubbing the floor is more convenient for me than maintaining a clean carpet LOL.

5. Pendant lights and concealed fluorescent lights are the best atmospheric lighting to enhance the mood of the most private part of the house. And for me, it is a must. Remember, the principle of  minimalism is “LESSER THE BETTER.” Can´t argue with that.

Some of the images are not actual photos, but 3D representations. I can’t find the original designers who made these impressive designs but the name of the website that offers interior decoration services are marked with the pictures. I hope you enjoy these awesome dream bedrooms as much as I do. At least, for your next home project, you have the samples to get ideas from. Stay inspired!