Eat In Style: At Dinner In The Sky In Brussels Belgium

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largest fashion spenders

Nations With Unbelievable Fashion Spending Rampage

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Ancient Beauty Practices Of Today´s Modern Treatments

Whenever you put something on your face, does it ever make you wonder about the evolution of beauty regimens and other treatments that we use today? Perhaps, just like me you are curious how the beauty industry professionals to this day obtain its success of practicing new ways to correct, improve and maintain the beautiful appearance we all wish. Let’s speed thousands of years back to the ancient times, wherein ancient women were using weird concepts of beauty enhancement, of which the regimen mostly consisted of. Continue reading “Ancient Beauty Practices Of Today´s Modern Treatments”

The Craziest Ideas People Spend So Much Money On

When we talk about splurging lots of our money it could be anything under the sun, what we find ridiculously unnecessary could be as important as life and death to others. We all have different relationships with spending, what we acquire and own is tightly bound to our personal identity. We overspend on anything to create and support a particular image of ourselves to present to the world. Are we? Continue reading “The Craziest Ideas People Spend So Much Money On”

How to Personalise Your iPhone 6 Without Spending a Fortune

Your phone should be a candid reflection of you and your personality. Why carry a generic phone when you can customise it to your individual liking? Now, you can design your very own phone case or phone skin, imparting your iPhone 6 a distinguishable touch of modernism and beauty.

How to Personalise Your iPhone 6 For Cheap

Personalising your phone is much simpler than you might assume. There are a few cost-effective routes you can take to design the phone of your dreams. With a unique phone design of your own, you can make your phone easier to detect, and you can also bring a plain, unremarkable phone to life.

The first recommendation is to personalise your own case with a stunning design of your choosing. This can be as easy as simply uploading the photo of your choice, or using predesigned photos from a professional gallery. Once you have uploaded the desired photo or image, the next step in this process is to choose the appropriate phone case for your model. While personalising a case does not alter your iPhone 6 in any way, it does create the illusion of a personalised phone.

Another way to personalise your iPhone 6 is to design your very own skin. Many phone skins serve as a vinyl adhesive for your phone surface or case. Not only are these skins removable, but they are quite versatile, in terms of customising your phone. These skins are also reinforced to prevent superficial damage, such as scratches and they can be repositioned as needed. These skins also apply smoothly, and they are available in many different formats to suit a variety of phone models, including the iPhone 6. To start designing your phone,

iphone 6 cases

visit this page.

Considerations to Make When Deciding How to Best Personalize Your Phone

Phone personalisation is not simply an aesthetic choice. Rather, it is based on both your creative preferences and your practical concerns. It is important to ensure that the case you select is pliable enough to protect your phone when it is dropped or placed forcibly on a hard surface. If your phone falls, the phone case should offset the force to a significant degree.

Furthermore, purchasing a phone case alone may not be sufficient, as your screen may still be susceptible to scratches. There are products designed to safeguard your screen from physical damage, however. If you choose to personalise your phone with a skin only, it is recommended that you add an additional case, as a skin does not offer comprehensive, physical protection.

green tea sweetheart cookies

Greenilicious Must Trys : 10 Best Green Recipes Made Easy

Some people have green thumbs, others have green minds, and we all work for the green stuff. I simply love green. Green is the lucky colour of 2015 and this list has nothing to do with that!. I am not a vegetarian, so it has nothing to do with that either. But it is fun to eat or drink something that looks great right? So here I listed my favourite 10 best green recipes.

Green Pea Pizza
Photo Credit:

 Green Pea Pizza

Pizza made even better, I don´t have to worry eating half of the whole at least! Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

Photo Credit:

Tropical Mango-Rita Green Smoothie

You love Margaritas but can´t drink alcohol anymore? This is the perfect greenilicious party drink for you! Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

green monster popsicles
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Green Monster Popsicles

If you can´t force your kids to eat veggies, this ice cold green popsicles will make them want more! Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

green tea sweetheart cookies
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Green Tea SweetHeart Cookies

Who says LOVE can´t be GREEN? Well, uhm… I am not talking about the Green Mind, I mean I am talking about these cute green cookies. Want some? Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

Healthy Matcha Green Tea Fudge Protein Bars
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Healthy Matcha Green Tea Fudge Protein Bars

Isn´t that delicious? definitely makes greenilicious green stuff.  Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

Green Tea Chocolate
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 Green Tea Chocolate

We have regular chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate and a green chocolate! Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

spinach pancakes
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Super Hero Spinach Pancakes

Ahh-mazing pancakes made healthy! Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

Green Punch
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Green Punch

Easy to make punch for an ahhh-mazing movie marathon with friends :). Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

Green Burger
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Pea and Edamame Burgers with Sriracha

Found this yummilicious green burger from Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

matcha green tea tiramisu
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Matchamisu = Matcha (Green Tea) Tiramisu

Looks beautiful and tastes beautiful! And the name sounds pretty cool too.  Click Here or the photo to find out how to make it.

Remembering The Famous Satemi Noodles

Walking on the streets of Uyanguren and Ramon Magsaysay Avenue, my mind goes down memory lane of the early 70s. Technically, I was born a decade after but the mood feels like I´m in the classic movies I grew up watching. There is a well-known restaurant located somewhere along Ramon Magsaysay Avenue that have been operating since the early 70s. The Davao Famous Restaurant lives by its name for being the best in home-cooked Filipino-Chinese cuisine in Davao city. Through the years, the meals they cook and serve taste the same as what they are famous of, delicious!


The restaurant´s design is obviously outdated, not as inviting as the newer restaurants nearby. But their bragging rights came from their family´s traditional cooking skills. I recommend you try their pancit bihon and pancit satemi, the best way to understand the reason of my satemi noodles cravings.

Davao Famous Restaurant

401 R Magsaysay Av, Davao City, 8000, Philippines

Facebook / Website URL
Phone Number
+63 82 222 1669

Philippines Safest City In The Heart Of Mindanao: The best things you may not know about Davao City

For being situated in the midst of Mindanao, Davao Del Sur is feared by many Foreign travelers due to its surrounding provinces occupied by Muslims. But, there are many reasons to like Davao City, I can give you 5.

1. Low crime rate: Davao City is recognized globally as one of the safest cities. According to, the city has the safety index score of 80.86 and crime index of 19.14 putting it in the 9th place. Davao´s most respected Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte may have gained notoriety for summary executions, but his leadership is appreciated quite well with the peace and order of the city. This hint hardcore criminals never to consider the city as their safe hiding place.

2. Discipline: The residents of this city are well-disciplined because they are all required to keep the city less polluted, comparing it to the countryś capital. The city has an Anti-Smoking Task Force, issuing citation tickets to individuals who will be violating the Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance since May 31, 2012. The same date when the city’s original Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance was enacted in 2002. For smokers, there are designated smoking areas.

3. The PEOPLE: The people in Davao are hospitable and generous. The taxi drivers are the best example. In Manila, many taxi drivers have tampered meters, not to mention how many of them rudely demands extra amount besides the meter reading (which has no difference from strong-arm robbery.) It is the total opposite in Davao City. Taxi drivers will give you your change regardless of how small the amount is. Have I mentioned that the colorful cabs in the City accepts payments through credit cards and debit cards? Yes, they are intended to be crayons on wheels with VISA or MASTERCARD signs on their doors.

4. High food source: This is why food in the city has all the quality, quantity, and wallet-friendly PRICE. Davao flourishes with seafood, fruits, and vegetable choices. Enjoy wandering throughout the streets of the city where you can find so many buffet restaurants with surprisingly affordable rates.

Check the link below for the buffet rates in Davao City.

List Of Buffet Restaurants in Davao

5. Of course! Tourist spots: Rich in marine life and well-protected natural resources never puts this Davao behind among the best places to visit. The people of Davao still conserve its natural landscapes, the Malagos Garden Resort is one of the places I recommend to check out.